Truth’s Daughter . . . a  memoir

Announcing the publication date – July 15th


                                     “ Honesty is often hard. The truth is often painful. But the freedom it can bring is worth the trying”  –      Fred Rogers               

On her sixtieth birthday, Barbara spit into a vial, hoping a genetic search engine might lead to finding her father’s other children. Perhaps they would shed light on her father’s identity and her parents short-lived marriage. She’d met her father just four times before he was brutally murdered in Miami Beach, ending any chance of knowing him in the future. Raised in poverty in the Bronx by her brilliant and beautiful mother, she accepted the narrative of her fathers deceit and abandonment. In mid-life she is confronted with a painful truth about her mother. The seeds of doubt and search for truth begin in earnest. Determined to make truth their legacy, she discovers the joy of created identity in the absence of facts and the importance of forgiveness.

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